[NEW ALBUM COMING]: The good old Punk Rock Holiday is just around the corner and what better time than this to share with you, lovely people, a part of our new upcoming album! ðŸ™‚

Yes, some time has passed since the last release, but we were quite busy touring and making new songs in the mean time. Moreover, lots has happened in our private lives that affected who we are and made us even more appreciative of the loved ones and positive people around us. The result of this is the new album called “Furious winds & Ice cold showers”, containing 6 new songs that “materialized” in the last two years.

It was recorded with help of Davorin Petek our good friend and biggest supporter, who makes sure we never become lazy. A huge thanks goes to the one and only, the legend, Dario Solenicki who mixed the album through the summer and made sure everything is as it is supposed to be. Everybody knows Dario is a total sweetheart and a friend for life <3 . There’s many people we could thank here, but it will be time for that once the album comes out.

Good news is, that it will be released on a vinyl! Woohoo ðŸ™‚ So excited for that! Giljotina Records already hoped on board and will help with the release. We will be in touch with some of the labels we love and follow. I guess we always do thing backwards, but it’s hard to teach and old dog new tricks ðŸ™‚.

The first song from the album is Challenging Ghost. A faster tune, which goes well with a beer sitting next to Soča river at Punk rock holiday ðŸ™‚. Have a listen and be sure to preorder the album which is due to be released in October. See you around amigos! ðŸ™‚


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