About us

Real Life Version originating from Slovenia have risen from a strong local hardcore scene in their hometown Ajdovščina which was the centre of alternative music in the area. The band formed in late 2005, continuing the legacy of legendary local bands. They released their debut album Resistance from within in 2009 and took part in the “Got Punk?” tour playing in most venues around Slovenia. After several European tours through Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, England and Italy, their singer decided to leave the band due to lack of time.

They forged forward as a four piece preparing the new material for the second album. Not wasting their time they first joined forces with Finnish punk-rockers Part Time Killer on their tour through the Czech Republic and Austria and year after hit the roads of Europe two more times. Real Life Version represents rock attitude with punk d.i.y. mentality, with friendship being the driving force behind their music. Knowing that the only way for the alternative music to thrive is to support it, they have been organising shows for touring bands since 2007. Having done more than 50 shows for over 100 bands they are proving not to be only a great live performing band, but also a group of people who lives through their ideas and not just contemplating them. 2013 marked a new chapter of the band with a new album called The Sound of Progress being released.

Through the course of the upcoming years, their new material was presented on several stages all the way from the UK across Central Europe and the Balkan to Macedonia and Romania. Among many others, they shared their beers and sweat with bands like Red City Radio, Bridge and Tunnel, Hot Water Music, MxPx, Wolves, Like Us, SeeHearSpeak, Harry, Start at zero, Pink Flamingos, Wank for Peace, Astpai, InXSane, One Hidden Frame, Darko, etc.. As a token of appreciation to the loyal local scene they decided to record a special side project, namely an album, called “Lačne zveri”. It was finished within only three rehearsals and performed right after, at a now already annual collective gathering where all the local bands bow and perform together in front of the always strong and sincere local crowd. In December 2015 they were invited to perform at an exclusive event in Le Havre, France, where Flamingos booking celebrated their 10th anniversary. In the following years, they focused on writing new songs and prepared for the third official release. Meanwhile, they crossed the Baltic sea for the first time and performed in Finland.

Besides their proactive stage presence, they weren’t resting behind the curtains either. They released their first music video in 2014 for the song Sincerely Yours and helped to establish the local record label, Giljotina, which helps bands to be heard outside of our borders as well.  Next to Real Life Version, its members are constantly active in several other bands such as The Hoax Program (ex, Low Punch), Mart and Bed Religion tribute.