Lačne zveri (2014)


CD is DIY printed and packed.

We present you our side-project that was realized in a course of 3 band rehearsals in late December 2014. It is influenced by the local bands we saw at first shows we've been to as kids and who inspired us to start playing music (bands such as Low punch, Man in the shadow, Entreat. Straightforward…). Ajdovščina had always had a lively punkrock, hardcore scene and a positive energy that can not be decribed, only experienced first hand to be able to comprehend.

released December 28, 2014

Recorded in December 2014 @Myanus rehearsing room
Mixed in 15 minute session by: Aljoša Todorovič
Released by: Giljotina Records

Vocals: Jani Peljhan
Bass: Jani Jež
Drums: Nejc Franca
Guitar: Aljoša Todorovic

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